When one treat just isn't enough why not get them a whole bunch! Here are a few we made earlier, but if you don't see any combination you like don't worry just go over to the 'How Do I Buy' and get in contact and we'll make you your very own hamper of goodness.

Have it your way

Although we know that they are never fussy over what treat they get sometimes they have a favourite, so whether they particularly like Real Gravy Bones or if the Mutts Cupcakes get their tails wagging we can make to suit.

We also offer special treats if you wish to personalise or make you hamper unique. So if you have something in mind that you would like whether it be a treat with your best friends name on it or you wish to show your affection by making some heart biccies let us know and we'll be happy to help.

Made with your Dog in mind

Much like a bespoke cakes our hampers are made individually by our crack team of chefs so if you're interested in getting one please get in contact. This will allow us to create the perfect present/snack specifically created for your four legged chum.

Details available on request