What’s it all about?

Our Pooch Bronte
Hiding in the Basket
Hard Days Taste Testing

Hello, I’m Ann Eve and I love dogs!

I haven't met one I haven't fallen in love with within 30 seconds. From Afgans to Yorkies, every one I’ve met has walked off with a piece of my heart.

Meet Bronte, my poodle. The most intelligent member of the family has turned us into her indentured servants.

She is the reason for all of this!

As a believer in positive reinforcement, I trained Bronte with encouragement and a judicious use of treats.

However, my dear little poodle, who is the fussiest dog on earth, has a very delicate tummy. This occasioned explosive dog-bum, accompanied by the spitting of treats across the floor in class.

When visits to the vet showed nothing wrong I decided to do some research on treats and dog food in general. I concluded that some commercial brands deserve to be spat across the room. And there I was using them to try to train my fur baby!

Chatting to vets and other dog owners gave me an idea to develop recipes that Bronte found appealing. No dodgy-bum side effects also being an objective.

With patience and trial and error I hit on several recipes favoured by Bronte. All are made from human grade ingredients and contain neither preservatives nor additives.

I shared the treats around the park, where it became obvious Bronte wasn't the only one with having doggy tummy problems. Friends heard of my results and through word of mouth orders started arriving.

I started with the training treats. Biscuits quickly followed; some birthday cakes were requested and delivered and pretty soon whole hampers.

Special dietary doggie supplies came about from owners who expressed regret their pooch couldn’t tolerate wheat or dairy products. Knowing my recipes were adaptable I started catering for this group.

I do need to thank all the four-legged taste testers at West Ham and Thames Barrier Parks who have supported me in this. A huge thank you also to the dog owners who trusted me with their little darlings’ digestion.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of my products go to Mutts in Distress at Little Hallingbury, Essex. I am indebted to Pat and her team there, who have helped tremendously with advice and support.

Ann Eve
07960 246 216